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Quick Fact The Research Division/Office of the Vice Provost for Research consists of approximately 1,000 academic and nonacademic staff.

Research Distinctions

Six Research Distinctions at Cornell

  1. Energy Recovery Linac (ERL)

    A linear accelerator-driven, ultrabright x-ray source—essential for studying all types of materials, physical phenomena, biological molecules, and chemical processes—the ERL, is in progress as Cornell scientists build and test a prototype, continuing Cornell’s legacy in high energy physics.

  2. BioPhysics

    Leading in research and education, Cornell biophysicists invented multiphoton microscopy, a widely used technology that allows researchers to see what happens inside living cells.

  3. Nanotechnology/Nanoscience

    Cornell is a longtime global force, particularly in advanced electron beam and optical lithography and complex process integration.

  4. Genetics/Genomics

    With a long tradition of leadership, Cornell scientists have earned national recognition for implementing and utilizing the latest sequencing technologies as shared resources.

  5. Astronomy and Space Sciences

    Cornell managed the world’s greatest radio telescope for 50 years, created the famous Mars exploration rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, and now leads the world’s largest and highest 25-meter submillimeter wave telescope project in the Atacama Desert.

  6. Literary Theory

    Cornell theorists are among the most highly regarded in the field.

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