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Quick Fact Cornell’s research distinction is diversified and far-reaching, propelled by a distinguished faculty throughout its history.

Faculty Research & Honors

Technology Transfer

Two Premium Apple Varieties Licensed

Cornell licensed two new, patented premium apple varieties to the New York State Apple Growers LLC. The New York exclusive agreement, called a managed release, is a new distribution model for Cornell’s apple breeding program. This model coordinates supply and marketing, cuts commercialization and branding time in half, and serves both the New York apple industry and Cornell’s apple breeding program. In the making for 14 years, these juicy, crisp, and grower-friendly varieties were developed by Susan K. Brown, Horticulture.

Widetronix, a Cornell Startup, Received $2.2 Million
Spencer Dots

Widetronix Inc. was awarded $1.2 million by The Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC) and $1 million by the U.S. Department of Defense. Widetronix makes betavoltaic batteries, which are low power and long lasting. Betavoltaic batteries are used in applications such as smoke detectors and pacemakers. Widetronix uses silicon carbide as a semiconductor material to increase the batteries’ efficiency and reduce costs. The funds will help the Ithaca-based company to open a prototyping facility. The technology was developed in the lab of Michael G. Spencer, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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