Staff Recogniziton Program Graphic

Innovation Award

Recognition of an employee who has made a significant contribution toward creative solutions, streamlining processes, or furthering the progress of a project using innovative solutions within the research community.

(Skills for success: Vision, Initiative, Judgement, and Communication)

Belonging Award

Recognition of an employee who embodies the spirit of radical collaboration within the research division and the university. This individual works to create an environment that contributes to collective success. People are included, valued and treated as vital to the division regardless of their roles.

(Skill for success: Inclusion, Integrity, Communication, and Growth)

Team Achievement Award

Recognition of a team whose collective efforts or project have contributed significantly toward the vision and mission of the Research Division.

(Skills for success: Integrity, Inclusion, Vision, Communication, and Initiative)

2019 Nominees

Innovation Nominees

  • Kim Holloway (OSP) - Winner
  • Denny Totman (CARE)
  • Tina Snead (Comm)
  • Alice Li (CTL)
  • Deanna Eastwood (CTL)
  • Lynda Inseque (CTL)
  • Phillip Owh (CTL)
  • Sarah Schlagter (OSP)
  • Carrie Susskind (RAIS)
  • Julie Phelps (RDBSC)

Belonging Nominees

  • Linda Griswold (OSP) - Winner
  • Erin Daugherty (CARE)
  • Deanna Eastwood (CTL)
  • Janet Sullivan (CTL)
  • Pat Govang (CTL)
  • Deb Dwyer (ORIA)
  • Michael Betteken (ORIA)
  • Christine Ashdown (RAIS)
  • Kristin Campagnolo (RAIS)
  • Zach Jacques (RAIS)

Team Nominees

  • Weill Hall Facilities Services - Winner
  • Finance
  • Industry Team - OSP
  • RDHR