We promote excellence by delivering innovative HR solutions and strategies to support the advancement of research at Cornell.


We are a model HR team that inspires all people to reach their full potential where their contributions and discoveries advance our world-class university.

We Value

Excellence as the standard for measuring the quality, timeliness, and consistency of our service. 
Integrity at the core of all we do.
Diversity to advance an inclusive and respectful culture.
Compassion for all who are engaged in building a better future.

Our Team

Hayley Harris

HR Director

(607) 255-2947


Jamie Washburn

Asst. HR Director

(607) 254-8701


Kristie Devine

HR Associate

(607) 255-5218


Amy Layton

HR Assistant

(607) 255-7121


At Cornell University,

We believe that every employee – faculty and staff – contributes to the fabric of our community, and the possibility for extraordinary results.