Technology & Economic Development

New Companies Based on Cornell Research & Technology

Axium Nanofibers LLC
Laguna Beach, CA Nanofiber technology for air and water filter products
Faculty Research Lab / Yong Joo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Anil Netravali, Fiber Science and Apparel Design
BioPancreate Inc.
Radnor, PA New therapies for diabetes using genetically enhanced commensal bacteria
Faculty Research Lab / John March, Biological and Environmental Engineering
CEP Biotech Inc.
Tamarac, FL Diagnostics based on a predictive biomarker for melanocyte proliferation
Faculty Research Lab / Lonny Levin and Jochen Buck, Pharmacology, and Jonathan Zippin, Dermatology, Weill Cornell Medical College
Glycobia Inc.
Ithaca, NY Low-cost glycoproteins for biotherapeutics
Faculty Research Lab / Matthew DeLisa, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Kphotonics LLC
Tucson, AZ Mode-locked fiber lasers for research and education
Faculty Research Lab / Frank Wise, Applied and Engineering Physics
Lucerna Inc.
New York, NY Nucleic acid-based fluorescent sensors for point-of-care diagnostics and other uses
Faculty Research Lab / Samie Jaffrey, Pharmacology, Weill Cornell Medical College
MADathletic Inc.
Ithaca, NY Contact sports training device
Inventor / Pete DeStefano, Assistant Football Coach
SafetyStratus Inc.
Ithaca, NY Subscription cloud computing software for workflow and inspections at research institutions
Inventor / Cornell Environmental Health and Safety
SaltCheck Inc.
Boston, MA Urine-based salt intake monitoring system requiring no laboratory
Faculty Research Lab / Samuel Mann, Medicine, and Linda Gerber, Public Health, Weill Cornell Medical College
Zuma BioSciences LLC
Ithaca, NY Therapeutics for disrupting cancer growth
Faculty Research Lab / Richard Cerione, Molecular Medicine/Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Alcyone LifeSciences Inc.
Ayer, MA Products for treating neuropathological conditions
Faculty Research Lab / William Olbricht, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Boa-Bag LLC
New York, NY An improved laparoscopic tissue removal bag for use during laparoscopic surgery
Faculty Research Lab / Christopher Towe, Surgical Resident, Weill Cornell Medical College
NOHMs Technologies Inc.
Ithaca, NY Battery materials using new nanoscale chemistry
Faculty Research Lab / Lynden Archer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Optofluidics Inc.
Philadelphia, PA Microfluidic and biophotonic technologies for single-molecule analysis and point-of-care medical diagnostics
Faculty Research Lab / David Erickson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Prolias Technologies
New York, NY Products and services for determining the malignancy of thyroid tumors and the likelihood of transplant rejection
Faculty Research Lab / Weill Cornell Medical College
Seraph Robotics Inc.
Ithaca, NY Personal robotics company with the product Seraph ONE™, a 3-D printer that generates 3-D printed products such as human organs and food items
Faculty Research Lab / Hod Lipson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Telescope Time Inc. (Sloosh)
Washington, CT Space photo online sharing, partnering with Google Sky to map the universe and promote live astronomy
Faculty Research Lab / Computing and Information Science
Early 2013
Angiocrine Bioscience Inc.
New York, NY Research and therapeutic products using stem and endothelial cell-related technologies
Faculty Research Lab / Shahin Rafii, Ansary Stem Cell Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College
Empire Robotics Inc.
Ithaca, NY Innovative robotic solutions for the industrial automation industry
Faculty Research Lab / Hod Lipson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PicoLuz LLC
Jessup, MD Light sources and optical measurement systems based on nonlinear nanophotonic devices
Faculty Research Lab / Michal Lipson, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Alexander Gaeta, Applied and Engineering Physics