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Quick Fact Cornell’s Ithaca campus and Weill Cornell Medical College together had received a total of $159.7 million in ARRA funds as of November 2010.

Faculty Research & Honors

Faculty Honors & Distinctions

American Philosophical Society
› Benedict R. Anderson, Government
› Peter J. Katzenstein, Government
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
› Barbara A. Baird, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
› John M. Guckenheimer, Mathematics
› George P. Hess, Molecular Biology and Genetics
› Carol L. Krumhansl, Psychology
› G. Peter Lepage, Physics
National Academy of Sciences
› John E. Hopcroft, Computer Science
› Eric D. Siggia, Physics
National Academy of Engineering
› Jon M. Kleinberg, Computer Science
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
› Michelle D. Wang, Physics
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
› Jiwoong Park, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
› Derek Warner, Civil and Environmental Engineering
National Science Foundation Early Career Development Program
› Largus Angenent, Biological and Environmental Engineering
› Rachel E. Bean, Astronomy
› Matthew K. Belmonte, Human Development
› Daniel R. Cosley, Information Science
› Peter J. Diamessis, Civil and Environmental Engineering
› David Erickson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
› Lara A. Estroff, Materials Science and Engineering
› Christine L. Goodale, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
› John T. Hale, Linguistics
› Michael R. King, Biomedical Engineering
› Matthias U. Liepe, Physics
› Jiwoong Park, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
› Rafael N. Pass, Computer Science
› Maxim Perelstein, Physics
› Paat Rusmevichientong, Operations Research and Information Engineering
› Anders Ryd, Physics
› Chris Schaffer, Biomedical Engineering
› Kyle M. Shen, Physics
› Abraham D. Stroock, Chemical and Molecular Engineering
› Gookwon Edward Suh, Electrical and Computer Engineering
› Jeffrey D. Varner, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
National Science Foundation Career Award
› Scott Blanchard, Physiology and Biophysics Weill Cornell Medical College
Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship
› Michael Ashkin, Art
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship
› Peng Chen, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
› Liam McAllister, Physics
› Adam C. Siepel, Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
› Matthias U. Liepe, Physics
› Robert D. Kleinberg, Computer Science
Fulbright Scholar Awards
› Raymond R. Geddes, Policy Analysis and Management
National Science Board Public Service Award
› Roald Hoffmann, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Humboldt Foundation Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award
› Paul Chirik, Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Thomas Wolfe Prize
› Robert Morgan, English
Academy of Management Human Resources Early Career Achievement Award
› Bradford Bell, Industrial and Labor Relations
Armenia’s Ministry of Science and Education Gold Medal
› Yervant Terzian, Astronomy
American Astronomical Society Carl Sagan Medal
› Steven W. Squyres, Astronomy
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