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ECRF Necropsy and Surgery Rooms

Use of the ECRF Surgery (E3-116) and Necropsy (E1-150) Rooms must be scheduled through CARE. Please e-mail for the Surgery Room availability and reservations and e-mail for the Necrospy Room availability and reservations.

Anesthesia Machine Fee: $15.00 / hour

Includes use of 1 machine in surgery prep area, 1 machine in surgery room and isoflurane.

Laundry Fee: $19.87 / load

Necropsy Room: No Charge

Surgery Room Fee: $50.00 / use

Includes disposable personal protection equipment (PPE) for up to 3 people and floor/wall cleaning. PIs are responsible for cleaning up after using room.

Hospital Treatment

If an animal is referred to, treated at or admitted to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA), either by CARE or by the investigator, the investigator will be responsible for resulting charges. Prior to referring any animal to the CUHA, CARE will attempt to contact the investigator for approval using the emergency contact information on file at the facility.

Per Diem Rates

•  FY 2019 Per Diem Rates

Services Provided at No Charge

•  Clinical veterinary care and consultation: physical exams, diagnostic tests,
   necropsies (including histopathology) if CARE decides that they are warranted;
   drugs and supplies necessary to treat sick animals. This does not include known
   problems associated with the particular animal model; e.g. hemophiliac or dysplastic
   dog models, experimental or surgical induction of disease (paralysis, infectious
•  Preventative medicine programs (e.g. annual physical exams, fecal exams,    vaccinations).
•  Adoption program costs (vaccines, spay/neuter at the discretion of CARE) except for    per diems to be paid by investigator.
•  Veterinary assistance in preparation of IACUC protocols, animal model development,
   anesthetic and analgesic regimes, etc.
•  Activities and services with an educational component:
        •  Surgeries or procedures performed by residents as part of their training or to gain
           experience, and approved in advance by the Chief of Veterinary and Educational
        •  Investigator or staff training.
•  Collaboration (research or teaching) under the following circumstances:
        •  Chief of Veterinary and Educational Services has given advanced approval.
        •  Exclusive of additional expenses (e.g., supplies, drugs, overtime).
        •  The time commitment does not negatively impact fulfillment of the CARE
           veterinariansí principal responsibilities.

Shipment of Animals to Other Institutions

Domestic: $88.50 / crate*

International: $129.00 / crate*

* Additional Fees Will Apply For The Extra Preparation Time And For The Shipping Of Multiple Crates.

Shipment of animals to other institutions must be coordinated by a CARE veterinarian after IACUC approval. Once the shipment is approved, a CARE technician will arrange the shipment. Direct shipping charges must be paid by the investigator. CARE will also bill a flat charge per shipment to cover supplies and staff time.

Technical Support Services

Breeding Coordinator: $47.00 / hour (15 minute minimum)

Services include breeding assistance(fostering, pairing, record keeping, weaning), identification (ear punch, tattoo), and tail biopsies.

Cage Separation Charge: $25.00 / cage

A mouse cage is considered overcrowded if it houses more than 5 adult mice weighing less than 25 grams or more than 4 mice weighing greater than 25 grams. For breeding cages, mice must be weaned at 21 days unless otherwise stated in the protocol. The cage separation charge will be billed if the PI has not separated overcrowded cages within 48 hours of notification by LAS or CARE staff.

Rent-a-Tech: $39.75 / hour - Normal business hours (15 minute minimum) or
$59.63 / hour - After Hours, Weekends and Holidays

- Please contact Dr. Erin Daugherity, 253-4181, to arrange these services.

Services include animal deliveries / transfers, autoclaving, euthanasia, separating overcrowded mouse cages, regulated medical waste, and research related procedures (e.g. blood sampling, weighing animals, administering medications).

Rent-a-Vet: $103.00 / hour (15 minute minimum)

- Please contact Dr. Mary Martin 253-3520, to arrange these services.

Rent-a-Vet Tech: $46.00 / hour - Normal business hours (15 minute minimum) or
$92.00 / hour - After Hours, Weekends and Holidays

- Please contact Dr. Erin Daugherity, 253-4181, to arrange these services.

Assistance with research on a technical level, for procedures normally done by the investigatorís staff including:

•  Anesthesia, surgery, surgical and post surgical patient monitoring, post-procedure
   patient care.
•  Technical procedures (gavaging, tail biopsies, sample and tissue collection,
   scheduled injections of biological, chemical or radioactive materials).
•  Diagnosis and treatment of animal health issues due to the experimental animal    model, or purchase from an unapproved vendor (e.g. sales barn).
•  Dental prophylaxis of long-term study animals, including pre-anesthetic lab screening.
•  Administration of medication prescribed by CARE.
•  Maintenance medications for long-term use (e.g. NSAIDS, Pet Tabs).
•  Necropsies or diagnostic services requested by the investigator.

Veterinary Supplies and Drugs

CARE can provide drugs (non-controlled) or supplies in bulk, or smaller quantities, at cost plus 15%. Investigators are billed for supplies and materials used in research-related treatment.

CARE cannot provide controlled drugs for research purposes. Faculty must obtain their own DEA license or obtain a department DEA license to obtain controlled drugs.

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