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Administrative Team

Philippe Baneux, DVM, DipECLAM
Center for Animal Resources and Education at Cornell University
Attending Veterinarian, Director
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Adj. Professor, Animal Science
College of Veterinary Medicine
Adj. Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Adj. Professor, Clinical Sciences

      Phone: 607-253-3523

Cathy Williammee
Associate Director, Operations

      Phone: 607-253-3523

Rita Hoffay
Assistant Director, Finance

      Phone: 607-253-3521

Drew Kirby
Assistant Director, Regulatory and Program Support

    Additional Responibilites:
  • Quality Assurance Data Manager & Archivist
  • Coordinator - Graphic Design, Communications, and Web Management
  • Coordinator - IT / Telecommunications
  • Emergency Coordinator (Logistical)

      Phone: 607-253-4476

Facilties Team

Tim Van Deusen, BS, RLATG, CMAR
Associate Director, Animal Facilities Management

      Phone: 607-227-4424

Dan Viviano, LEED AP BD+C, CCM
Assistant Director, Animal Facilities Projects

      Phone: 607-253-4140

Sylvie Allen, AS, RLATG, ILAM
Supervisor - Weill Hall Barrier

      Phone: 607-255-0323

Trudy Bentley, LAT
Supervisor - ECRF 2nd Floor

      Phone: 607-253-3893

Larry Carlisle, ALAT
Supervisor - ECRF 1st and 3rd, Equine Hanger, Equine Isolation Buildings, Snyder Hill Aviary

      Phone: 607-793-0020

Dave Collins, LAT
Supervisor - TMCF

      Phone: 607-253-4349

Stephanie Pierson, BS, LAT
Supervisor - Corson-Mudd Halls, Uris Hall, Weill Hall - Conventional

      Phone: 607-255-1718

Veterinary Team

      - Includes Clinical, Educational and Technical Services

Mary Martin, DVM, DACLAM, MPH
Assistant Director, Clinical Services

    Additional Responibilites:
  • Director - Resident Program
  • Emergency Coordinator - Primary

      Phone: 607-253-3520

Bryant Blank, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Assistant Director, Agricultural Animals

      Phone: 607-253-3991

Glenn Jackson, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
Assistant Director, Conventional Rodents

      Phone: 607-253-3058

Bhupinder Singh, BVSc, MVSc, DACLAM
Assistant Director, Animal Safety and Occupational Health

    Additional Responibilites:
  • Emergency Coordinator - Secondary

      Phone: 607-253-4193

Adoption Services

Luce Guanzini, BS, RLATG
Adoption Coordinator; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-253-4082

Breeding Service

Erin Daugherity, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Assistant Director, Technical Services

    Additional Responibilites:
  • Coordinator - Rodent Breeding Team

      Phone: 607-253-4181

Casey Frandsen, AS, LVT
Breeding Coordinator - ECRF; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-882-0609

Cheri Jackmin, LATg
Breeding Coordinator - Weill Hall; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-253-3034

Jocelyn Mendoza, BS
Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-229-5096

Emily Silvela, BS, LAT
Breeding Coordinator - ECRF and TMCF; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-743-9510

Scott Soprano, AAS, LAT
Breeding Coordinator - ECRF, TMCF, and Weill Hall; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-220-3663

Denny Totman II, AS, AAS, RLATg
Breeding Coordinator - ECRF, TMCF; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-227-1589

Education, Development and Training

Wendy Williams, BSc., BA, DVM, DACLAM
Assistant Director, Training Services

      Phone: 607-253-4251

David Mooneyhan, BS, RLATG
Training Coordinator; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-253-3831 (CARE Training Line)

Christine Peterson, BS, RLATG
Training Coordinator; Veterinary Technologist

      Phone: 607-253-3831 (CARE Training Line)


Erica Feldman, DVM
Laboratory Animal Resident


Nathaniel Kollias, DVM
Laboratory Animal Resident


Rachael Labitt, DVM
Laboratory Animal Resident



CVM Box 14
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853


Regulatory Questions

    Such as:
  • Approved animal housing areas
  • Protocols
  • Training

Dr. Chris Bellezza or
Rob Felt

Animal Welfare Concerns

    Such as:
  • Anesthesia and analgesia
  • Alternatives
  • Surgery
  • End-points
  • Euthanasia
  • Production of monoclonal antibodies

Dr. Mary Martin

Clinical Care of Research Animals

    Such as:
  • Animal showing signs of pain or distress
  • Diseased animals

Dr. Wendy Williams or
Dr. Mary Martin


Training Program

For information contact
David Mooneyhan or
Christine Peterson

Occupational Health & Safety

Dr. Bhupinder Singh

Facility Design, Renovation, and Construction

Dan Viviano