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Sponsored Projects Data Reporting Tools

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) provides four reporting tools to support research administration:

  • RA Dashboard
  • PI Dashboard
  • Sponsored Project Portal
  • Brio Portal

These tools, and information for accessing them, are described below.

Obtaining Access to the Reporting Tools

Principle Investigators (PI) and Account Managers (AM)

PI’s are automatically provided access to their own projects and accounts in the four reporting tools.


Administrators must request access to the RA Dashboard and Sponsored Projects Portal reporting tools using the Sponsored Projects Data Access Request Form. Detailed instructions are included with the form. Please direct questions to (607) 255-5014 or

To use the financial aspects of the reporting tools below, administrators must request access to the Financial Dashboards managed by the Division of Financial Affairs (DFA). See the KFS Access Requests page or contact for information.

Administrators wishing to proxy or "Act-As" a PI or AM in the RA Dashboard or the PI Dashboard need to request this access from their Approved Authorizer. This is often used to allow staff to support faculty with the PI Dashboard or to provide access to a faculty member's detailed labor expenses when the user wouldn't otherwise have access.

Reporting Tools Provided by the Research Division

  • RA Dashboard
  • PI Dashboard
    • Targeted to Faculty
    • Displays expenditure, budget status and history for sponsored projects and non-sponsored accounts, transactions, and project documents
    • Access control based on role as PI or AM on the account, or permission to act as PI or AM.
    • Documentation:
    • Support:
    • Administrators request access by contacting the Approved Authorizer and requesting permission? to proxy another user.
  • Sponsored Projects Portal (Legacy System)
    • Provides data about research proposals, awards, and negotiations (no expenditure or labor cost data)
    • Originally built in the late 1990's and will be retired in 2016
    • Until summer 2016, it remains the solution for the following:
      • Submitting project change requests for: Compliances, No Cost extensions, Budget Revisions, Change in Scope, Change in Personnel, Change in Committed Effort, Other Changes, and document upload (e.g.: technical or financial report)
      • Submitting the date a deliverable was submitted to the sponsor
      • Requesting a Subaward
      • Submitting a change request on an existing Subaward
    • Support:
    • Administrators request access with the Sponsored Projects Data Access Request Form
  • Brio Portal (Legacy System)
    • Provides both standard reports and strong ad-hoc reporting capability allowing advanced users to create their own reports
    • Will be retired in June 2016
    • New users are being allowed only by exception. Contact

A more complete description of all the dashboards useful for research administration including those managed by the the Division of Financial Affairs is available at

SponsDW Main >  Access