Research Administration Information Services (RAIS)

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The RAIS group provides research administration software tools, including applications and reporting products, for Cornell faculty, other researchers, and research administration staff. RAIS builds its expertise in researcher needs and challenges, research administration, and user experience design to achieve its goal of providing relevant and easy-to-use software tools.


Kristin Campagnolo Program Manager klb1 255-0343
Paul Davis Lead Business Analyst / Product Manager, Reporting prd9 254-5068
Ian Dillon Sr. Application Developer isd23 N/A
Ellen Hartman User Experience Designer eh79 255-2877
Zach Jacques Director zj52 255-6586
Derek Palmer Lead Support Engineer dp462 255-4182
Carrie Susskind Product Manager, Research Administration Support System (RASS) cms357 254-8806
Kim Swartz System Support Consultant kjs4 255-5013
Mike Tracy Systems Analyst mat293 255-9953
Scarlett Zuo Data Analyst / Engineer yz262 N/A