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Transaction Specialist (TS)

This is the individual responsible for processing/preparing all transactions for clients in all support areas. The Transaction Specialist will have a complete understanding of each transaction being processed including the best method of payment, business purpose, and entry into systems for completion.


Plans, organizes, directs and controls financial services within and among clients through the financial transaction center. The Director's primary emphasis is on providing quality service to all customers and to the University, and is the Director of Finance and Budget of those units for the Vice Provost for Research. The Director regularly participates in re-engineering efforts to improve service delivery and communicates all pertinent information to the FTC, clients and staff.


RDBSC General Responsibilities

  • To provide services to our customers within our established turn-around / response times.
  • To serve as stewards of our Customers' resources and the University's resources and policies.
  • To provide guidance, counsel and recommendations for best practice, cost-savings and/or re-engineering opportunities.
  • To be available to all clients to assist and ensure understanding of responsibilities and interactions with RDBSC.

Department Responsibilities

  • To inform RDBSC of any personnel changes within a department - particularly for Department Heads and/or Department Contacts.
  • To provide RDBSC with feedback to serve you and your department in the most efficient and effective manner.

How to Access RDBSC

  • Contact your Transaction Specialist or the Group Leader via email or telephone.