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Procurement Support Services

RDBSC will handle all of your procurement needs - determining and executing the purchase of goods and services by the most efficient means while ensuring University policy and audit standard compliance. Specifically, this includes the creation, renewal, revision and payment of standard and blanket orders as well as serving as your procurement card coordinator. As your PCard coordinator, RDBSC is responsible for the retention of original procurement card receipts and has primary audit responsibility on behalf of your unit.

Purchase and Blanket Orders

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Manage the entire purchasing process for all goods and services.
  • Ensure completion of all necessary forms - for example: request for proposal, sole source justification, independent contractor, vendor information, etc.
  • Process the request utilizing the APPS system.
  • Email department confirming blanket order renewal.

Department Responsibilities

  • Request a purchase order by e-mailing, phoning your TS, or completing the APPS on the Web Form.
  • Provide/enter any known information (e.g., vendor info, cost, etc.).
  • Forward to the department approver.
  • After department approval, forward to your RDBSC TS.
  • Let RDBSC know when the goods or services are/have been received and approved. You can do this via email or by sending the packing slip (preferred method) to your TS.

* Please note depending on the paperwork required additional time may be needed in order to process a purchase order.

Procurement Cards

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Release of charges: The RDBSC will match up charges to an original receipt (charges will not be released without an original receipt), correct the account number, if necessary, and release the charge.
  • Courtesy reminders: A message will be sent out to customers if receipts have not been turned in during the time frame that a transaction has been in the APPS queue.
  • If a transaction auto-clears (sufficient documentation is not received within the time frame that a transaction has been in the APPS), the cardholder will receive a written warning from the RDBSC.
  • Policy compliance: Four violations of PCard policy within a six month (rolling) period will result in the suspension of PCard privileges for three months. A second suspension will be for six months. A third suspension will result in total revocation of PCard privileges.

Department Responsibilities

  • Read and understand University Policy 3.12, Procurement Card
  • Obtain original receipts for all procurement purchases.
  • Immediately forward all original receipts to RDBSC.
  • Clearly indicate the following on the receipt:
    • Business purpose (if not obvious)
    • Attendees, agenda/purpose of meeting, alcohol-for food receipts
    • Account number, object, project, duo code- if known and if not default.
  • Review monthly PCard statement for accuracy-specifically, all purchases are recognized, the cardholder made all purchases and all purchases have a legitimate business purpose. Note: Questions/concerns should be directed to the RDBSC.