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Non-Payroll Payments Support Services

The RDBSC will complete all necessary forms to affect all non-payroll disbursements and payments. We have separate preparers and approvers available for all transactions. Support applies to all operating and receivables accounts and includes travel/expense reimbursement vouchers, cash advances, bill paying (accounts payable vouchers/payment requests), processing purchase order (PO) invoices and processing PO receivers (receipt of goods).

* Please note the University requests two weeks to process payments, reimbursements and advances.

Travel (Arrangements and) Reimbursements

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Approve any Travel requisitions sent to us via the CU Travel system.
  • Ensure employee signature on reimbursement vouchers.
  • Check tracking spreadsheet for any outstanding cash advances.
  • Process reimbursements via the Travel System/Payment Request System [PayReq].
  • Know method department is using to capture supervisor review/approval.

Department (and Traveler) Responsibilities

Accounts Payable (Non-PO invoices)

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Verify/confirm ok to pay, account number, business purpose and requester's authorization
  • Process invoice utilizing the Payment Request System [PayReq].

Department Responsibilities

  • Review all invoices for payment approval.
    • If approved for payment, initial, mark as ok to pay, note account number (if known) and business purpose.
    • If not approved for payment, please contact your TS in RDBSC.
  • Forward all invoices to RDBSC, 395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 302 for processing.

Processing PO Invoices and Receivers

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Verify PO # is on invoice and forward to DFA-Invoice Processing.
  • Search APPS minimally on a weekly basis for pending invoices
  • Send e-mail notification to department with link to view invoice on-line and ask if "ok to pay", if not already specified per agreement or noted on invoice.
  • If "ok to pay", process a receiver via the APPS system.
  • If "not ok to pay", work with the department/vendor/invoice processing to resolve the discrepancy.

Department Responsibilities

  • Forward all invoices to RDBSC for processing.
  • Forward all packing slips to RDBSC for processing.
  • Notify RDBSC know when something has been received and you have accepted shipment.
  • Notify RDBSC if invoices are "ok to pay".

Cash Advances

RDBSC Responsibilities

  • Review and approve cash advance request form and forward to DFA for final processing.

Department Responsibilities

  • Forward cash advance request form to the RDBSC.
    • Note: Corporate Diners Club cards may be used for cash advances from an ATM Machine.
  • Receipts/documentation is/are needed to offset expenses for which the cash advance was used
  • Return travel reimbursement requests within 30 days of completion of trip to ensure timely clearance of cash advances.

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