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2009 Year
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News from the Office of
the Vice Provost for Research

11 Young Innovators
Scanlon Michael J. Scanlon, Plant Biology
Garcia-Garcia Maria J. Garcia-Garcia, Molecular Biology and Genetics
Lipson Hod Lipson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/Computing and Information Science
Raskolnikov Masha Raskolnikov, English
O’Donoghue Ted O’Donoghue, Economics
Schiff Nicholas D. Schiff, Neurology and Neuroscience
Mettler Suzanne Mettler, Government
Sondermann Holger Sondermann, Molecular Medicine
Kleinberg Robert Kleinberg, Computer Science
Finley Cheryl Finley, History of Art
Matsudaira Jordan D. Matsudaira, Policy Analysis and Management
In this Issue
WeillResearch in Progress
11 of Cornell’s young faculty talk with the editor about their research, exploring a broad range of topics and explaining how they got hooked on their fields.
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Jackson“Any Person … Any Study” and the Lure of Research
Cornell provides many opportunities for undergraduate students to experience a variety of fields and perspectives, truly fulfilling Ezra Cornell’s famous goal of “any person … any study.”
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MalikUndergraduate Researchers Pick Applied and Engineering Physics
Kenneth Ferguson ’11 and Nitin Malik ’11 are two undergraduate researchers in the Department of Applied and Engineering Physics doing interesting work in the laboratories on campus.
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Why Cornell?Why Cornell?
11 young Cornell faculty reveal why they chose Cornell and would recommend it to other young innovators in their fields.
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Test TubeAmplifying Science
Over the past decade, the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) has brought Cornell scientists and K-12 teachers together to improve science education.
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Salt CheckSalt Matters
SaltCheck Inc., an Allied Minds company that is based on Cornell research, is working to develop and commercialize an on-the-spot test to monitor salt excretion that closely mirrors salt intake for hypertension patients.
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LiuPower in the Peel
When nearly 1,000 U.S. Olympic athletes and coaches settled in for the long flight to Beijing to compete in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, each of them was provided with a supply of a new type of “functional food” called AppleBoost™ energy snack tubes.
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BuhrmanThe Essence of Cornell
When we talk about Cornell, we can describe the institution in many ways. Cornell has a beautiful campus; it is diverse; it is Ivy League; it is an American university with a global scope; it is cutting-edge.
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