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At Cornell

Bats, Birds, Dragonflies,
and Other Curiosities

DeVoogd and Chen

Timothy DeVoogd and Emily Chen ’07

In this issue of Connecting with Cornell, researchers reveal much about things that fly. Faculty researchers tell us fascinating stories of their discoveries about how bats walk, how songbirds learn their songs, how dragonflies fly, the beauty of butterflies, the avian flu virus, and the benefits of using a certain species of wasp as a biological pest control. Student researchers tell us about their studies on the mating habits of butterflies and on mosquitoes as vectors of dengue fever and West Nile virus. They share how these research experiences broadened their academic experiences and helped with career decisions.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology reaches out to the international community with many engaging activities and scientific resources. The Weill Cornell Medical College spins off a successful company that studies and applies metabolomics to better diagnostics and disease treatment. We also learn how Cornell is at the forefront of caring for animals in its research and teaching programs on the Ithaca campus.