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Paths of Independent Majors

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Unique Fields of Study

Aditya Bhatia ’05 and Dominic Frongillo ’05Ask Cornellians what they like most about the university’s academic environment, and many will cite the diversity of courses and fields of study. Indeed, Cornell offers a multitude of majors. From among seven schools, undergraduates can select hundreds of concentrations, ranging from liberal arts standbys, such as English, to evolving disciplines, such as biological and environmental engineering. One of Cornell’s most unique fields of study is the one that students define themselves: in almost every college, it is possible for undergraduates to design and pursue their own curriculums. With the help of a faculty adviser, a student can draw up a plan of study that focuses on unique interests and submit it to a board for approval. A select few take this option and follow their own concentrations. Dominic Frongillo ’05 and Aditya Bhatia ’05 are two Cornellians who pursued the independent major path.


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