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Primet Precision Materials, Inc.

Primet Precision Materials, Inc.,
Partners with the Cornell and Ithaca Communities

Leonard Dolhert, CEO, Primet Precision Materials, Inc.Primet is an advanced materials company dedicated to creating better performance in solar cells, fuel cells, and other consumer-friendly industries. The company’s processing technology enables the manufacturing of small particles, including nano-sized particles, from many diverse materials, which include ceramics and metals. Primet’s unique proprietary technology is cost-effective, scalable, and capable of producing materials of exceptionally high purity.

Soon after Primet Precision Materials, Inc., was founded in Maryland in 2002, the company’s CEO, Leonard Dolhert, began evaluating locations where the company could expand and grow. Access to world-class materials science research and corresponding facilities in a collaborative, attractive setting were the key criteria for selecting a new location. Cornell University and Ithaca, New York, rose to the top of Primet’s list.


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