Annual Report 2001 - Cornell University
005 Honors and Distinctions

American Philosophical Society
Robert C. Richardson, Physics/Vice Provost for Research

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Jonathan D. Culler, English/Comparative Literature
Antonio M. Gotto Jr., Dean, Weill Cornell Medical College
Thomas D. Seeley, Neurobiology and Behavior
Eva Tardos, Computer Science

Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Sciences
John T.H. Hsu, Music

National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program
Edwin A. Cowen, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fernando Escobedo, Chemical Engineering
George G. Malliaras, Materials Science and Engineering
Z. Jane Wang, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program
Z. Jane Wang, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Joseph Y. Halpern, Computer Science
Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Music

Alexander Von Humboldt Research Awards
Thomas D. Seeley, Neurobiology and Behavior
Christine A. Shoemaker, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships
Yuri Berest, Mathematics
Christiane Linster, Neurobiology and Behavior

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